Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Change of Heart

It's Valentine's Day week, babes. This day of love has always been one of my very favorite holidays. Growing up, my family always made this day special. It was filled with chocolate, cute heart shaped everything, and brilliantly crafted Valentine boxes to capture all the store bought Valentines that were distributed by classmates. I would always end each Valentine's Day by going through every cleanly folded card I received that day. Usually having to determine that my crush sent me the "UR COOL" card to be sure to keep our love on the down low. This of course made me regret my choice to give him the "BE MINE" card. What fun this was!

Truly though, I always look forward to this day. It should be a holiday filled with love of every kind. That is what should be celebrated.

To begin the celebrating of my favorite holiday, I purchased a bag of Brach's Conversation Hearts. Now, for those that do not keep up with the candy industry, this is the first year that Necco has closed its doors and is no longer distributing the V Day classic. And I must say, Brach's tried, but it is just not the same. Sifting through the chalk flavored hearts this weekend, I found some new meaning to the lovey dovey phrases on these candies. Of course I find them sweet and endearing especially thinking of Nick and the first Valentine's Day we get to share together; but I also discovered some more "relatable" meanings for these phrases. There is truth in these tiny hearts that I think any of my fellow twenty somethings can relate to.  My perception of these sweet sayings has shifted over the years, much like the candies themselves. A change of candy company, a change of heart.

CALL ME: I'm talking to you, dream job. Call with that offering, I am ready.

BE MINE: The thing that really needs to be mine, is my cup of coffee after surviving the commute to work.

143: It may be a cute code for "I Love You" but today that looks strangely like my bank statement reading $1.43. What do you mean pay day is 8 days away?

SOUL MATE: The real person in this world that deserves the title of your soul mate is the coworker you always can lock eyes with during those moments you both are going insane. 5 o clock is coming!

OOH LA LA: This is the personality that I suddenly put on when I go to brunch. Sure, I'll spend five hours worth of work on eggs and spiked orange juice! Throw in some sweet pancakes I can only handle two bites of as well!

CRAZY 4 U: Maybe it's just me but I am crazy for YOU, the binge worthy show on Netflix right now that completely fried my mind and gave me the heebie jeebies.

PUPPY LOVE: The endless battle of thinking it's time for me to get a dog and realizing I am never home, nor have any money to give that pupper a good life. So, I'll keep scrolling through viral videos of dancing dogs.

LOVE BUG: Bugs, mice, pests of any kind in my apartment... Nope, there is nothing lovey about that. 

MISS U: President Obama. Enough said.

Sure, the silliness shines through, but in all seriousness, this truly is a time to celebrate the love we do have surrounding us each day. Make this Valentine's Day different, no matter what your relationship status is. It is about so much more than that. Tell your significant other how grateful you are for them, call your parents, have a girls night with your besties, surprise your co worker with their favorite coffee and bagel combo.

Embrace the love that you do have in your life. And add some more love to the world as well. We all know we could use it.

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