Thursday, July 5, 2018

You are Blossoming

And just like that, we have welcomed the scorching month of outdoor memories and bliss that is July. I can associate a visceral memory with every July I have lived so far. I very much light up when I think of melting, sticky popsicles, beach vacations with the whole family lasting for weeks, and summer camps consisting of fun compressed schedules. Always leaving you no choice but to live in a steadily sweaty state of outer physique.

I know that this July will bring sweet memories for me to reminisce later on down the road. I believe that this will be the July like I have never had before. Nearly two months have passed since I walked across the Auditorium Theatre stage to receive my diploma (er, diploma holder, that is) and this real world seems to get “realer” each and every day.

This past weekend I finished moving into my first studio apartment. It is a dream abode with everything I could have wanted. It is exactly what I need to finally get going on all that this post grad life has to offer me. I am already feeling so inspired and empowered to get things going, even though I’m not even definite on what those things are.

I’m not sure about some of you other recent graduates and anxious dreamers, but this introduction to the great abyss that is outside of academe is providing a bountiful share of ups and downs. Of course I was expecting this to happen and I do know that even greater trials are on their way. Some vulnerable check ins, surprisingly frequently, bring all of this to my attention and also provides peaceful clarity that this is all a beautiful part of my story.

I catch myself nearly everyday feeling as though I am simply stuck in the middle of the monkey bars. I think we all experienced a moment on a playground like this as children. I seem to be using all my strength to stay lifted and swing to the next bar above me, my might loosens simply by dangling. I have had to teach myself that getting mad at myself and anxious during this time will not benefit me in any way. Though I do not feel it or see it, I am doing wonders each day for my future.

You see, all of us are constantly growing and blossoming, even when we cannot see it. Hard work and consistency cannot simply disintegrate. I find many new things on the daily basis that could very easily, and often times do, ignite anxiety and add weight to my life. But, I cannot dwell on them and allow any unknowns to define me.

There is no mistake in the present moment. I am right where I am supposed to be, doing what I am at this moment with the community perfectly knit around me for a reason that I am not supposed to grasp right now.

The only thing that we can all control each day is getting out of bed and doing one thing that might make the future brighter. The reality is, one thing will easily turn into ten things. Imagine what the future present moments could hold by putting this effort in now.

If you are struggling (and who ISN’T now and again) to make some personal growth happen while you’re trudging through the pits, consider a few of these ideas. Get a great workout in, create something that has always been in the back of your mind, prepare your whole week’s worth of nutrient dense meals, call a friend and plan a much needed coffee date.

You cannot at all control the timing of your life. However, you can control how you spend the time you are given and create pathways for success to roar in. Fellow dreamers that are swinging in the middle, let us join together and support each other through it all. May our support and hard work remain consistent. Our time will come. I promise you, sweet flower, you ARE blossoming.

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