Sunday, June 4, 2017

Break it Up

Oh, summer. We are only a few weeks in and this year's summer break is already beginning to carry some amazing memories that I am so grateful for. This is my favorite season. To put it simply, I am the best version of myself during these few months. It is incredible how some extra sunshine, higher temperatures, fresh fruit, and vibrant green vegetation EVERYWHERE can all affect your soul in such a positive way.

Summer, for most people, means a break of some kind. Perhaps a break from school, work, or just the monotony of day to day life. I am such a firm believer that pressing pause on everyday life is vital in order to maintain any form of peace and happiness. So many of us are chasing huge and ambitious dreams. The pressure that comes with those huge dreams can be grueling.

Summer rolls around and finally a break can commence. It may be a week, a few days, or a beautiful couple of months. However long or short it may be, time can be so healing. Getting away on a dream vacation. Staying in your own town but actually taking time to enjoy the gems it holds. Sleeping in and taking the day simply one hour at a time. However you rejuvenate best, do it.

We are all in control of how our time is spent. Why not use it to refuel? Take some time in solitude and reflect on your world and the world that surrounds you. Finally start that new hobby that you've been putting off for too long. Take a spontaneous getaway trip because life is too short! Binge watch a whole series, but don't forget to GO OUTSIDE. Readjust your everyday pace; notice the tiny glimpses of beauty that surround you.

Take advantage of the time off that you have. Never forget that our souls need some nurturing too, here and there.

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