Wednesday, May 3, 2017

No Write or Wrong

Hello, cyber world. Here it goes. My first official blog post. It is time to rip off the virtual band aid and get these posts finally rolling. I have put off creating a blog for a couple of years now. Yes, somewhat due to lack of time and energy to maintain it. But, in all reality, it was mostly due to the insecurity of putting my words out there. My whole life I have always enjoyed writing (about topics that I am passionate about.) There is something so freeing and rejuvenating about letting your airy thoughts dance from your mind onto a page. You see them crystallize and eternalize right before your eyes.  Writing is a creative outlet that I have kept to myself for a smidge too long.

I live in a day to day life with art constantly surrounding me. As a musical theatre major, I am regularly performing in some capacity or observing others perform. The art of singing, dancing, acting... it is all so beautiful and vital to our world. I love what I do and I cannot imagine myself spending my life any other way. But, in order to create this type of art consistently for years to come, I must find other passions and creative venues to keep my mind and soul fresh.

Believe me, I never have an issue finding ways to spend my time that does not involve theatre. This world offers far too much joy and possibility for me to be tamed to one area of interest. But, I discovered it was time to find more forms of art to share and challenge myself with. Life is an incredible balancing act.

So my journey towards opening up my mind in a new and refreshing way has begun. Like so many "firsts" in a lifetime, the first blog post can be awkward, intimidating, and just plain cruel. (List of painful "firsts": first kiss, first day of school, first date, first time eating sushi, first grown up doctor's appointment...) But, I did it! From this point on I can simply let my thoughts play and meander as they choose.

Friends, words are beautiful, life is full of bliss, and art is an inevitable lifeline.

Thank you for being a part of this little creative adventure I have embarked on.

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